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Latest uptate O3 June 2

03 June 2: I have been instructed not to put any photo of any of the collages on this site, nor to try to sell them, but to give them away. I'll do some in oil paint by and by. My friend Joe is to give to me some of his extra brushes. I have to find whether pine's resin will make decent paint, and/or whether I can get enough of it locally. If not, then the next step will be to buy exotic resins, such as, perhaps, copal resin. My first trials seem to show that pine resin is hard to be gotten, although pinetrees abound here.

Meanwhile, Jacob Elmsley, student at Frostburg State University, has attempted a mandala, which, although beautifully executed, I had to reject on the basis of the symbolism being outside of the healthy prescription that our movement is following. He studied more deeply the parameters that we are following, and expects to have another mandala drawn by August 2003, which, if acceptable, will be shown here.

Ultimately the medicine wheel mandalas will be done in oil paint, using homemade colors.

There is a really beautiful frame made of birch bark by Allison Kiser. The bark peels, and, so I must glue the peels before displaying it. This will be rather time-consuming, but worth it. Not sure yet what will go into the frame

Suitable for Feng Shui Remedies

They are called Mandalas

They are called Medicine Wheels

They are Jungian subliminal personality-balancing Mandalas

Let us notify you when the art will be ready for you to buy it.

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Famous researcher Carl Jung discovered that everybody has medicine wheels in their subconscious mind.

These wheels come into dreams and visions whenever the person's personality becomes balanced; whenever we become psychologically healthy.

There is benefit to be had when we gaze at the beautiful Mandala Medicine wheels.

Each of ERIK's mandalas is color-chosen and shape-chosen to fulfill the remedial needs of balancing the five elements in Feng Shui.

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