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Short Biographies of Living Beings. It has been prophesied: This writing will become a scripture of our age.

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"KARMAZIN, MEL - Was CEO of CBS, now president and chief operating officer of Viacom, which merged with CBS in 2000. Born 1944, son of Eastern European immigrants. Largest individual stockholder of Westinghouse Broadcasting, which bought his Infinity Broadcasting in 1996, the same year that he took the office of CEO CBS Station Group (Viacom). Westinghouse Broadcasting Co. 855 Battery St. San Francisco CA 94111. Accumulated Metromedia stock.

LEVY, DAVID - Broadcasting executive. Office: 210 S Spalding Dr. Beverly Hills CA 90212-3608. Member ASCAP, TV Acad., Writers Guild Am., Prodrs. Guild Am., Hollywood Radio-TV Soc., Caucus for Producers, Writers, and Directors, Republican. Children: Lance, Linda; stepchild: Kate Jolson.

MECHANIC, WILLIAM M. - President of Fox Inc., POB 900 Beverly Hills, CA 90213-0900.

REDSTONE, BRENT - Son of Sumner Redstone, whom see. A Denver lawyer.

(?REDSTONE), SHARI - Daughter and business partner of Sumner Redstone, whom see. Rides on the company's plane, which in 1999 was a Gulfstream III, with her daddy.

REDSTONE, SUMNER - B. ~1923. CEO of Viacom, which merged with CBS in 2000. Viacom includes MTV, Showtime, Infinity Broadcasting, TDI Worldwide, Paramount Pictures, Paramount Television, Paramount Parks, UPN, Blockbuster (HQ in Dallas), and Simon & Schuster and their internet business.

Children - Shari and Brent, whom see.

Home - 1999 an apartment in New York's Pierre Hotel. A suburban home in Boston MA. Likes to stay in a bungalow in the Beverly Hills Hotel, and play tennis. Successor - He chose Dauman to succeed him as Viacom's chairman. Burned - Nearly half his body was severely burned. His right arm hangs loosely, and the hand is gnarled with purplish skin.

Club - He or his dad bought the Latin Quarter Club.

Was accused by his wife, the former Phyllis Gloria Raphael, of cruel abusive behaviour.

Sardinian vacation with Christine Peters.

Teaching Affiliate, Harvard Law School, Brandeis University.

National Association of Theater Owners, executive committee, 4605 Lankershim Blvd. Ste. 340 N Hollywood 91602.

Advisory Council for the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Foundation, 5220 Lankershim Blvd. N. Hollywood 91601.

Museum of TV and Radio, board of trustees.

The Jimmy Fund, chairman.

Dana Farber CAncer Institute, board of overseers.

American Cancer Society, founding trustee.

Will Rogers Memorial Fund, VP executive committee.

Corporation of the Massachussetts General Hospital, member.

Boston Museum of Fine Arts, board of overseers.

Combined Jewish Philantropies of Greater Boston, executive board.

He went to the Sundance film festival.

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SAFIRE, WILLIAM - Journalist. b. 1929 Dec 17. Columnist of NY Times Washington. Member, Pulitzer Board; Republican. Office: NY Times, 1627 I St., NW, Washington DC. Children Mark Lindsey, Annabel Victoria.

VESPUCCI, AMERIGO MATEO - Son of Stagio. His Christian name came from Amalarik, King of Visigoths in Seville. He got the name from his grandfather....

...Christened - He was christened at the age of 9 days. At the door of the temple saith the priest, `What do you ask of the Kirk of God?' `Faith.' `And what does faith give to you?' `Life everlasting.' `If you would enter upon Life Everlasting, keep the Commandments. You will love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your will. And your neighbor as yourself. Foul spirit come forth from him, and yield place to the Holy Spirit, by Christ our Lo'ward, Amen. God, all-powerful and eternal, father of our Lo'ward Jesus Christ, gurn Thy glance on this Thy slave, whom Thou hast deigned to initiate into the rudiments of the faith; remove all blindess from his heart; break all the chains of Satan that enslave him; open to him, Lo'ward the gates of thy mercy so that, signed with the seal of Thy wisdom, he may be free from evil desires and, drawn by the gentle perfume of Thy precepts, he may joyfully serve Thy kirk, and grow in virtue from day to day. Amerigo, do you renounce Satan?' `I do.' `Amerigo: I baptize thee in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amerigo, go in peace, and may the Lo'ward be with you.' `Amen.'

Vespucci - The Vespucci became rich by trading. Simone Vespucci had it built the local hospital. The year of the hospital was 1388. They did their devotions every day in the kirk (circle, circus.) Of were the Vespucci employed by the Medici."

"VISNU - Same as Elu, Osiris, Sirius, and Surya. One of the 1st 35 Buddhas, among whom is Odin. As Osiris, he dwelt in Atlantis over 35,000 years before the time of this writing. then was he a descendant of those of the Motherland who were of higher thought."

"WEATHERFORD, CHIEF - Headman of Red Sticks. He was 1/2 Scotsman. He led the attacking of Fort Mims. His men and he massacred 350 wights who abode ther. The were militia, families, and slaves."

"WITLAF - Quoth Henry Wadsworth Longfellow:

Witlaf, a king of the Saxons,
Ere yet his last he breathed,
To the merry monks of Croyland
His drinking horn bequeathed, --

" YOU - You are an extremely blithe, joyful, and ecstatic individual. You are wealthy, good-looking, and athletic."

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