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On this page we will list all of ERIK's recorded music having ODINIST and ASATRU-related content. Please COME BACK often because we will frequently update the product pages with new items.

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64 minutes. Lo-Fi Acoustic Guitar with Erik's beautiful singing. There are 18 tracks, 6 whereof deal directly with Odinist themes, and histories.

The song, "The Sibyl's Vision" evokes an image of a Holy Sibyl about to hold forth about "our old spell o' heros."

William the Conqueror is one of the main links between Viking society and the later British Empire. He was a descendant of the viking, Walking Hrolf, who was booted out of Norway for breaking the King's peace by raiding in Norwegian territories. The saga of William's conquest of England is told in the song, "William the Conqueror" an original song by ERIK.

Another of ERIK's original songs, "Dancing Whales," is a fantasy that takes place on the sea, of interest to seagoing folk.

ERIK put to music the words of Paul B. DuChaillu's translation of the Ragnarok saga in the song "Ragnarok."

The favourite hero of all Vikings is Sigurd. The princess Brynhild so admired him, that she went to great length and deprivation to entice him to become her loving husband. The song, "Brynhild's Bower," an ancient lay, put to music by ERIK, tells of her effort to allure Sigurd. The tune is a "haunting" one, folks have said.

The song, "King Harald Wartooth Goes to Valhalla" combines several elements of Odinist literature, from the translations of Paul B. DuChaillu, all put to music by ERIK. Harald Wartooth was a major king of northern Europe and Scandinavia in "the dark ages." Details about Valhalla, the hall of the fallen warriors, and of the Valkyrias, who choose them on the field of battle, are included, along with a narrative of the manner in which King Harald Wartooth decided to go to war.

The song, "Dalriada" is not about Odinist culture, but if you are interested in things Viking, then you will probably find this narrative of the colonization of Argyll, Scotland by the Irish of interest. It is an original composition by ERIK.

The Viking type people who conquered Britain during the dark ages later became known as "Anglo-Saxons," although it is more likely that they were coastal people, rather than Saxons, for the Saxons were not known to be seagoing fellers. After the Viking descendant, William the Conqueror, took over over there, in former Britain, some of the descendants of the dark-ages conquerors (so-called Saxon) were trying to practice "The Old Religion" in the predominately Viking-settled area near to York. Their practices were outlawed, and it has been claimed that the leader of their protective sector was Robin of Locksley, a.k.a. Robin Hood. ERIK has composed or arranged extensively material dealing with this Viking descendant. Track #14 on this album introduces you to three of his songs.

"He Leadeth Me" refers to the intuitive and external signs and feelings by which the chiefest viking god, Odin helps his servants to win and prosper.

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51 minutes. This is an instrumental album, having the tunes and accompaniments of several of ERIK's Nordic compositions:

Song - "William the Conqueror" (sound clip #1) ,

Song - "William the Conqueror" (sound clip #2) ,

Song - "William the Conqueror" (sound clip #3) ,

Accompaniment to song - "Dancing Whales" ,

Accompaniment to song - "He Leadeth Me" ,

Accompaniment to song - "Robin Hood and the Widow's Three Sons" .

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51 minutes. This album would make good background music for a party. It has experimental electronic music. There is some vocal, combining acoustic guitar with electronic background. This album is in the Nordic Spirit.

The composition, "Battle of the Gods" is an electronic instrumental that vividly evokes a feeling of battle -- celestial battle, battle in the craggy snowclad peaks. This is one of ERIK's originals.

"William the Conqueror" [sound clip #1]     [sound clip #2]     [sound clip #3]     is an original song by ERIK. For the significance of William the Conqueror in viking history, see the column at left, where the background of this song is explained. This song has achieved much popularity among those who have heard it.

"Anthony Wayne"[sound clip #1]     [sound clip #2]     is an ancient song of the American Revolution. The subject, "Mad Anthony Wayne" was a general in the Continental Army, noted for his aggressiveness. ERIK's version is instrumental. Many places around western Pennsylvania, his homeland, are named after him.

The story of the Settlement of Argyll in Scotland by Irish emigrants is told in ths song, "Jacob's Dreaming Stone" The core of this song, entitled "Dalriada" is to be found in the "Legends, Dreams, and Myths" acoustical cd (see top of column at left). The version, in the CD "Dig This," is longer, covering a greater period of time in history, and is electronic, with acoustic guitar and singing. The nation which was founded in Argyll eventually became the Scottish Nation.
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Check back soon for CD's of ERIK's ORIGINAL songs, HISTORICAL, and ODINIST music.

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